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Construction Invoice Finance.

Reduce the time between invoicing customers and receiving payment.

The Benefits

What is Construction Invoice Finance?


Construction Invoice Finance or Factoring is a funding and support solution for sub-contractors who provide services to the main contractor. A construction business can benefit tremendously from this type of finance which eliminates the need for the sub-contractor, or construction company, to wait for payment before starting on the next phase of an existing project or a new project.

Keep your business moving with fast payment on invoices

The ability to successfully start new contracts and maintain existing ones relies on a strong cash flow.

Expensive upfront labour and material costs often need to be paid before construction work can begin. Then once work is underway, day-to-day business costs need to be paid at regular intervals.

With Construction Invoice Finance, the sub-contractor can realise a quick turnaround (often within 24 hours) on debtors due for completed stages of a construction project. Funding is available throughout the various stages of a contract, including applications for payment before certification.

How It Works

Typical Construction Invoice Finance transaction.

Each transaction has three main parties: the company that sells the invoice, known as the Client; the company that will pay the invoice, known as the Client’s builder or account debtor); and the funder that provides funding through its service.


The subcontractor supplies delivers and installs the goods, or provides the service and issues an invoice to the customer.


The client will sell a specific invoice or group of invoices for cash at a discount.

customer service-v2

The client notifies the customer that the invoice has been assigned.


The invoice is then paid by the customer directly to the funder typically within 3-40 days.

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