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Take control of your cash flow

Cash flow is a critical component of a construction contract business and is often a balancing act, challenging to get right and limiting your business growth. You need access to a flexible financial solution where sub-contractors get paid virtually overnight and your jobs get completed effectively.

Our Goal

Empowering the construction industry through secure finance solutions

Construction businesses have traditionally found it difficult to find finance due to the contractual nature of the industry. Attractive solutions to cash flow problems such as invoice finance - a lifeline to businesses in most sectors since the credit crunch - have not been easy to source for construction tradies.

Tradie Cash Accelerator solves this problem. Our experience in the construction industry means we find the best funding for you on terms that work to quickly inject liquidity into your business.

Our Solutions

Tradie Cash Accelerator offers flexible finance solutions and advice

Construction Invoice Finance

Construction invoice finance (also referred to as construction factoring) is a funding solution to give you access to the funds from your own invoices sooner. Cash is advanced on approved claims for works carried out within a contract, construction agreement or purchase order.

Asset Finance

Asset finance is a funding solution that enables you to release equity contained in the assets you already own, or to invest in new equipment, vehicles and technology. Funds can be made available relatively quickly with clear terms and it can be an effective way to grow your business.

Cashflow Management

Cash flow management supports you in overcoming one of the biggest financial challenges any small business faces. Understand how to unlock readily available cash through better planning in areas across spend management, forecasting and technology.

Lending Partners

Tradie Cash Accelerator has strong relationships with all the major financial lenders