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What is Construction Asset Finance?

Asset Finance is a flexible funding solution that allows you to release equity contained in assets you already own or to make an investment in new equipment, vehicles and technology. A range of financial products, such as leasing, are available for this type of lending as long as the asset refinanced is critical to your business operations.

Whatever funding option you chose, funds are typically made available relatively quickly with clear terms, which helps you better manage your budgets.

Making asset finance work for you and your business

Whether you are financing a vehicle, machinery or commercial equipment, you need to decide which method of asset finance is best for you and your business.

If you need access to new business assets, there are several ways to acquire the business assets you need without incurring significant upfront costs. Lease financing, for example, where you have the right to use the asset against periodical payments and the item counts as a monthly expense rather than an owned asset, can be tax efficient for some businesses.

Alternatively, if your business has capital locked within valuable assets such as property, land or equipment, this cash can be released through a refinancing arrangement. The amount you can borrow is dependent on the value of your asset, which acts as security against the loan. If you do not meet repayments, the lender takes the asset in lieu of what is owed.

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